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After this, you will want to remove all accessories, covers, screen protectors, etc. from your phone. This will open up your phone and help speed the evaporation of the water.

When you open Cell phone Wallpaper Maker you will be asked to select the make and model of your phone. This is the first step. In the first window you will need to select the make of your phone. Then select the model number in the other window. Click the Next button at the bottom to move to the next step.

Actually there are several ways to test a display protector. The first is to test its transparency. Screen protectors are designed to be attached on the screen of a cell phone, so it has to be transparent enough to allow users see through it. However, light would become weak after going through a medium because some of the lights would be lost during transmission. And due to the restriction of handcraft limit, the max transparency of the current optical glass is 97% or so. But a protector made of plastic materials cannot reach the transparency of 97%. Therefore, you should take a second thought when a seller pushes you a screen protector with transparency of 95% or higher. The best screen protectors on the market have the transparency between 92% to 95%.