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Why do some many people say that the StreetPilot c550 is one of the best auto Gps systems they have ever used? Let’s look at some of its features. Have you ever tried to look at your smartphone repair while driving but couldn’t read it because of the glare of the sun? That won’t happen with the StreetPilot c550. The anti-glare display keeps you from squinting to read a sun-drenched screen. The screen has a 320×240-pixel resolution and bright colors making it easy to read. The StreetPilot has a windshield mount that is easy to install.

The first thing to do when your cell phone gets wet is to power it down. Turn your device off. This is good advice for any electronic device that gets wet. If you can safely unplug it, do so. Electricity running through wet circuitry spells doom.